The Professional Company

Roanoke Ballet Theatre is pleased to be the home of Roanoke's premiere professional ballet company.  Members of RBT’s Company have undergone years of extensive training and many have danced professionally with other companies at a variety of levels. 
The Company keeps a full performance schedule, including main stage shows, in-studio Black Box series, and traveling collaborations throughout Roanoke and the surrounding communities.  One benefit of having a resident Company is that it  give the students of RBT the opportunity to learn from and by mentored by elite dancers who have performed at the professional level around the world. We believe that young aspiring dancers need role models, and RBT allows them to not only see first hand what a professional career in dance looks like, but to pursue it in their own home studio should they so choose.

Savage, Minnesota

Franklin, Pennsylvania

Yorktown, Virginia

Johnson City, Tennessee

Carbondale, Illinois

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Norbert Nirewicz

Gdansk, Poland

Buena Vista, Virginia

Omaha, Nebraska

Camden, New York

Dover, Pennsylvania

Gabrielle Moore


Sarah Epstein


Wenzori Moody


Obinna Morton


Carrie VanOsten



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