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Patricia Brooks Cope-Levy holds a M.F.A. in dance from Hollins University in collaboration with the Forsythe Ballet Company. She studied with Jeffery Bullock, Donna Faye Burchfield, Pam Petro, Lisa Race, Sara Procopio, Mark Haim, Nia Love, Shani Collins-Achille, Nicholas Leichter, Ishmael Houston-Jones, and Irene Dowd, among others. Prior to returning to Roanoke, she was a member of the Northern Ireland Dance Research Base, and the Braided Light Dance Company in Jacksonville, Florida. She joined Roanoke Ballet Theatre teaching staff in 2012 and teaches modern and acrobatic dance classes. She was first introduced to acrobatics dance at Village Dance Center in Jacksonville, where she also graduated from Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. Patricia is former faculty for Hollins University and has taught at regional dance schools.

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