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On March 13, 2020 we had to close our dance studio.

The lights were off, the curtain was down, the studio...empty.

I began to imagine the noise of my little dancers running around, jumping, and laughing.

I remembered the parents of my students sewing costumes, building sets, and painting backdrops, but now...just silence.

I remembered my young dancers crying on my shoulder when they needed to say goodbye. When their wings were strong enough and it was their time to fly to experience what life is all about.

I imagined my company dancers, reaching new goals, working very hard each day, and accomplishing new dreams!


But now… the studio is empty.

After a good cry, I closed my eyes and prayed to have the strength enough to bring my RBT family back.

Artists are suffering economically, with no place to train, but we are proving to the world how strong and resilient we can be as artists by making every effort to keep people together and entertained!

When life changes the way we used to live, in such unexpected and unpredictable ways, the arts are so important. They make us feel human again.

I invite you to support the dancers that are suffering today and make a difference for a better world tomorrow.

Help us turn our lights back on and open the curtains, to play the music, and dance once again: together.



Thank you so much,

Sandra Meythaler

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