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City Youth Ballet

The City Youth Ballet is an audition only program for serious ballet students. Students eligible for CYB 1 and up may audition for a spot in City Youth Ballet. Students are placed in a level based on ability, which also roughly corresponds to age. Once placed, these students are required to take a set course for classes, as follows:

  • CYB 1:  2 classes per week

  • CYB 2:  3 classes per week

  • CYB 3:  3 classes per week

  • CYB 4:  4 classes per week

  • CYB 5:  5 classes per week

  • CYB 6:  5 classes per week

It is encouraged that members of the City Youth Ballet also take one other class, such as jazz, tap or acrobatics in order to give them a well-rounded dancing education.

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