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Outreach Programs

School Outreach

It is Roanoke Ballet Theatre’s mission to provide the Roanoke Valley with high caliber dance and dance education.  To this end, we are committed to providing outreach programs to schools, hospitals, nursing homes, or any other interested organization.  If you are interested in scheduling a visit from Roanoke Ballet Theatre’s dancers, please contact the studio at (540)-345-6099.


Mental Health In Motion

Mental Health In Motion is an organization that uses educational dance performances alongside traditional means of teaching to advocate for and draw awareness to various mental health topics. We provide these trainings to a variety of populations including but not limited to parents, teachers, medical and mental health professionals, students, and patients. The complexities of mental health issues such as trauma, attachment, grief, addiction, as well as all of the various clinical diagnoses and disorders can be really difficult to understand. Through the visual experience of a dance story which displays the intricacies of a mental health issue, one can more deeply understand the topic from an emotional level and see the issue from a more personal standpoint. When our emotional perceptions shift, our actions tend to follow, and we can begin to interact with the world in more informed and empathic ways.

For more information about our organization, please visit or email questions to



City Modern Ensemble

City Modern Ensemble (CME) is a community modern dance company under the direction of Liza Deck. The goals of the group are artistic integrity, originality, and equality. CME has several full evening events each year as well as collaborations with other dance, art, music, and theatre professionals. Auditions for CME happen at the beginning of the fall semester.


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