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Studio Policies

Students should attend the required number of classes for their level as well as all scheduled rehearsals.


Class Attendance

Roanoke Ballet Theatre will be upholding a 3-strike rule. If a student acquires three absences (per semester), that are not followed by make-up classes for each class missed, their casting will be changed in the upcoming performance. Please let the RBT staff know via email when you or your child will not be attending class so that make-up classes can be set up. If Dancer arrives more than 10 minutes late to any class or rehearsal without prior notice, she/he will be asked to observe class.


Rehearsal Attendance

It is very important that students do not miss any rehearsals because there is not a make-up option for rehearsals. Missing two rehearsals in a single semester will affect roles/casting and the removal of select roles.  Missing more than four rehearsals will result in removal from the upcoming performance. Any student who is absent during the week of “tech week” or any onstage warm-up classes with out in-advance approval, will not be eligible to perform. Saturday class and rehearsals, as indicated on rehearsal schedules, are mandatory!


Injury and Sickness

If a student is injured and cannot participate in class, they need to come in and observe the class. Watching the class does not count as an absence and does not have to be made up. If the student does not observe, it will be counted as an absence that requires a make-up class.

If a student is sick, please inform the front desk. If they are able to observe, they are welcome. If they are contagious and harmful to other students, please stay home. They will be required to make the missed class up. If a student is absent for a longer period of time due to a Covid related matter, please email RBT.

Make-Up Class Policy

  • If a student has missed a class and needs to make-up the class, it needs to be made up in the same level on a different day he/she is not registered for. The student is also welcome to make-up a class in the level directly below the one they are currently in. Please do not allow students to make-up in higher levels unless approved by a teacher.

  • Pointe students can make-up a missed pointe class in a pointe class of the lower level, in a lower level of technique on pointe, or in a class of the same level of technique on pointe that they are not currently registered for. Students cannot make-up a pointe class in a technique class they are already in using pointe shoes instead of using their flat shoes.

If you know you will be missing class, the make-up class can be prior to the day you will be missing.

Code of Conduct


  • No gum or food in the studio; water bottles permitted.

  • In an effort to keep the studio clean, students are required to clean up after themselves (ex.- snack wrappers, spilled food/drinks, toe tape/band-aids).

  • Street shoes will not be allowed on the dance floors; only approved footwear for classes.

  • Please leave your cell phones/devices in your bags or at home; they will be confiscated if being used in class or rehearsals.

  • Students are responsible for all of their belongings. RBT is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please keep all valuables (ex.- jewelry, electronics) at home.

  • No talking and remain focused while in classes. Please stay quiet in the hallways and the lobby of the studio.

  • Dancer shall be punctual and fully prepared to commence rehearsal and perform at the times posted.

  • Dancer shall immediately report injury or illness to the administrative staff.

  • Dancer shall treat costumes and/or props in a professional manner.  Eating while in costume is forbidden.

  • Please ask to leave the studio when needed.

  • Do not lean on mirrors or hang from ballet barres.

  • Show respect to teachers and other students. Do not use negative gestures towards yourself or someone else and remember everyone is here to learn. Any negativity toward one’s self or another student will be addressed in a student and parent/guardian meeting with a teacher and the director of Roanoke Ballet Theatre. Immediate termination from classes, performances, or CYB could result.

  • Arrive 15 min. early for your classes in order to change and warm yourself up before class. Constant tardiness will be addressed with the student and a parent/guardian. 10 or more minutes late will result in watching the class.

  • Students must be picked up no later than 5 minutes past the ending of their class/rehearsals and must not arrive any earlier than 20 minutes prior.

  • We ask that students do not come in to RBT or leave the studio without being covered-up. Please do not wear only your leotard, tights and skirt outside. 

  • Please do not wear necklaces, bracelets, or large earrings in class or rehearsals. If you do, you will be asked to remove them.

  • Please come into class with the proper attire specified for the level. If a student is missing any of the required attire (ex.- shoes or tights), they will be asked to watch the class. Please see the “Dress Code” section for proper class attire.



If a student does not abide by these rules and regulations of Roanoke Ballet Theatre, it will affect casting, could result in removal of roles, and the possibility of removal from classes, performances, and CYB.

Dress Code

Ballet Classes / Rehearsals


  • Beginning Ballet Level 1- Lt. Pink leotard

  • Beginning Ballet Level 2- Lt. Blue leotard

  • Beginning ballet Level 3- Lt. Purple leotard

  • CYB Levels- Black leotard w/ spaghetti straps

  • Clean, pink tights. Tights with holes cannot be worn. Tights must be convertible for CYB level students.

  • Clean, pink ballet shoes/pointe shoes (students who are approved for pointe classes only).

  • A neat bun or comparable hairstyle must be tacked to the head and away from the face.

  • Skirts will be allowed at the discretion of the teacher. Please, no shorts in ballet classes.

  • No warm-ups or other clothing unless approved by the teacher.

  • No necklaces, bracelets, or large earrings.

  • All girls in CYB level classes are required to have a nude leotard for performances (preferably not with clear straps because the lights reflect off of them onstage).


  • Clean, white, short sleeve T-shirt.

  • Black, footed tights. Tights with holes cannot be worn. Tights must be convertible for CYB level students.

  • Clean, white ballet shoes with clean, white socks.

  • Clean, black ballet shoes (depending on teacher preference).

  • Hair is to be kept neat and away from face.

  • No necklaces, bracelets, or large earrings.

  • Please no warm-ups or other clothing unless approved by the teacher.


Jazz, Tap, Modern

  • Solid-colored leotard (girls) or tight-fitted T-shirt (boys)

  • Leggings, biker shorts, jazz pants, or any other tight-fitted pant.

  • Hair secured away from face.

  • Jazz- Black jazz shoes

  • Tap- Black tap shoes

  • Modern- Bare feet or socks (if allowed by teacher).



  • Any leotard (girls) or tight-fitted T-shirt (boys)

  • Biker shorts or tights

  • White “Acro” shoes

  • Long hair must be pulled back into a ponytail or braid.


Volunteer Requirements


Every family of a City Youth Ballet level performing dancer is required to volunteer a minimum of (15) hours of time beginning on the day of registration till the end of the last show of that registered year (August-June). If not, a fee of $10 for each hour not volunteered to a total of $150.00 per family, per session.


  • Working during performances (front desk, chaperoning, setting up sets, being in charge of props, striking the set, being a runner, stage managing, etc.)

  • Setting up/tearing down black box seats

  • Sewing

  • Building set materials

  • Finding, making, painting props/sets

  • Cleaning the outside of the studio (sweeping pavement, washing windows)

  • Cleaning the studio (dusting, bathrooms, vacuuming, washing mirrors, disinfecting barres, collecting trash)

  • Developing and distributing marketing or publicity materials

  • Transporting sets before and after performances

  • Transporting students to festivals or community performances

  • Work of fundraising efforts (stuffing envelopes, approaching businesses)


Volunteer opportunities are not limited to the items on this list.  Please contact RBT for more options.


A notebook is at the front desk to record volunteer hours.  Individuals are responsible for recording all volunteer hours. Please, do not assume we know when you have volunteered. Hours must be recorded by 1 week following the last show of the season. If by then more volunteer hours need to be met, a charge to your card on file will be placed for the remaining hours at $10/hr.


Full-Scholarship Students need to complete a minimum of 5 volunteer hours a month (50 hrs. per registered year; August-June). Partial-Scholarship Students need to complete a minimum of 3 hours a month (30 hrs. per registered year; August-June). A volunteer schedule with work needing to be completed will be drafted for each scholarship student. Hours must be recorded by 1 week following the last show of the season. If by then more volunteer hours need to be met, a charge to your card on file will be placed for the remaining hours at $5/hr.


For questions, contact the front desk at

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